Donut Mart showed up in the Albuquerque Journal!!

Rapid Rise For Donut Chain

"Just three years after opening its first shop, Donut Mart has now has five stores around Albuquerque."

New and Exciting news!!! Donut Mart has officially opened it's 5th. location on July 5th. which is located conveniently across from the University of New Mexico.

This location is "Geared toward a college-area clientele, the new shop is Donut Mart’s biggest to date. It will seat approximately 80 in its 3,000 square feet. In addition to the chain’s staples — those peanut-butter-and-jelly doughnuts, that piñon coffee, the bagels and muffins — it will also sell frozen yogurt."

"It’s just one of several upcoming changes for the chain. Donut Mart is also getting a new kitchen. Located in a building next to the Juan Tabo/Lomas store, the 4,400-square-foot kitchen should be producing all the chain’s goodies by May."

Plans also call for additional growth!!

"Tahir estimates that Albuquerque and surrounding communities could support another 20 stores. He said Donut Mart could have its first Rio Rancho locations by the end of this year."

"And maybe, he said, Donut Mart will start offering franchises, thus becoming the massive enterprise some people already assume it is."

"Donut Mart sold 1.5 million doughnuts in 2012. That’s roughly 4,100 holey helpings per day."  - The Albuquerque Journal